Repit Mover Classy Iron

3mm - 24mm
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Repit Mover Classy Iron

Mover Classy Iron is designed with a special coated rod for precise and delicate iron perm process. With detailed temperature control and a rotating handle, the iron minimizes heat damage and provides smooth winding and stable grip when performing softening heat perm.


Key Features

- Special Coated Heating Barrel

- Scissor and Clip Type Handles

- 9 Digital Temperature Levels (120 - 170°C)

- 360 Degree Rotating Ring


Size Selection

Scissor Type

3mm for men's down perm

5mm for men's styling 

Press Type

8mm for root volume, elder short hair styling, and adult S curl perm

10mm for root volume and adult S curl perm

12mm for adult S curls and retro S curls

14mm for S curls at the nape for youth and adults

16mm for S curls for thin hair

18mm for S curls for thin and normal hair

20mm for S curls for normal hair

22mm for natural S curls for normal hair

24mm for natural S curls for normal hair



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Made in Korea

Tion Hair
(949) 837-0920
17155 Von Karman Ave
Suite 107
Irvine, CA 92614