Repit Black Pin Perm Machine

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Repit Black Pin Perm Machine

Achieve easy men's wave perm and root volume with Black Pin Perm Machine. Designed to wind and treat hair in under 30 minutes!


Key Features

  • 3 pin sizes for men's styling
  • 4 temperature control settings
  • Temperature control switch
  • Lightweight, compact size


How to Use

1. Insert plug into an outlet.

2. On the back of the machine, turn ON the power switch.

3. Press the Temperature Control button to set desired temperature (ready when indicator lights stop flashing).

5. Insert perm pins to the matching winding rods on the machine.

6. Wait 5-10 minutes for pins to heat up. 

7. Remove pins from the rods to use.

8. When finished, turn OFF the power switch and unplug. 



  • Temperature: 110 / 120 / 130 / 140C
  • Origin: Made in Korea



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