Repit Hot Pin Perm Machine

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Repit Hot Pin Perm Machine 

Hot Pin Perm Machine is designed for indirect heat perms. The rod itself holds no heat; the heat is applied indirectly with the ceramic pins that are built into the middle of the rod. With the rods & pins, get as close to the scalp as possible to create maximum volume. As the ceramic pins perm the hair, they also emit negative ions back into the hair. Please note - different pin sizes have different temperature control levels. Perm lasts 5 to 6 months. 


Key Features

  • Minimize damage and increase shine and smoothness
  • Natural iron rods and ceramic hot pins 
  • Easy to set all over the head
  • 10 different sizes of rods 
  • 110 Pins and 140 Rods
  • Ideal for all hair lengths


How to Use

  1. Shampoo hair.
  2. Apply pre-treatment to the hair.
  3. Apply perm solution.
  4. Wrap the hair.
  5. Place the hot pins into the rods.
  6. Remove the hot pins from the rods.
  7. Wash hair or spray Ion Plex 3.0.
  8. Apply neutralizer.
  9. Rinse hair.


Made in Korea



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Hot Pin Perm Machine Tutorial:


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