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Tion Transparent Face Shield Glasses Mask

3 pack
Prevent the spread.
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Glasses Transparent Face Shield Mask 3 packs

The mask helps prevent spread of germs to maintain a safe environment.


Key Features

  • Prevents clients from inhaling germs and toxins
  • Offers clients safe and organized salon services (haircut, color processing, styling)
  • Anti-oil coating of the mask allows for clear vision
  • Convenient, disposable, lightweight, and transparent
  • Ideal for everyone, including individuals with glasses


How to Use

*Before use, peel off protective film on both sides of the mask.

1. Bend the frame of the mask to release the button. 

2. Following the direction of the arrow, match the hole on one side of the mask with the button.

3. Fasten the button in the hole.

4. Repeat for the other side.


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