RepitU Health Care Color Kit

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RepitU Health Care Color Kit

Achieve a salon-like look at home!


Color Selection

4-NB Natural Medium Dark Brown

5-NB Natural Brown

6-NB Natural Light Brown

7-NB Natural Dark Golden Brown

8-NB Natural Golden Brown

9-NB Natural Light Golden Brown

5-BB Beige Brown

6-BB Beige Light Brown

7-BB Beige Dark Brown

8-BB Beige Golden Brown

9-BB Beige Light Golden Brown

*Refer to color chart. 

*If you prefer a shade not listed under the color selection (i.e. RB), select any color from the current options and please let us know your preferred shade(s) in the Notes section during checkout. Mix and match is also available!


 Kit includes:

  • Hair Color of Choice (3)
  • 6% Developer
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Brush
  • Hair Clip (2)


How to Use

1. Mix Health Care Color 6% Developer with Health Care Color in a 1:1 ratio.

2. Sit for 30 minutes and wash out.  


With ONE color, make your hair beautiful!

  • Repithas a palette of luxurious shades. Find confidence in expressing your hair color.

Design your hair color!

  •  Not only see the vibrancy in color, feel it. Express your lifestyle and individuality.    

Achieve elasticity and gloss of hair!

  • Low alkali prevents hair and scalp damage, transforming hair from weak and dull hair to shiny and healthy. 


Made in Korea


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